1. hi my name is emily & im starting FIT for illustration in the fall! do you have any good advice?

    I’m really sorry for the late reply.. Good advice… Hmm Here’s a few

    • Take your liberals as early as possible! If you take them later they’re gonna bite your behind! Not kidding!!
    • Use all the resources FIT offers you! *coughtheygivelotsoffreemagaziesinthecenterabuilding7thfloorcough* lol they’re mostly fashion too!!
    • Check flyers for special events (ie paint tote bag, paint piggybank, make crafts, etc) Even if you don’t participate THERE WILL ALWAYS BE FOOD. So if you’re feeling hungry but you don’t want to spend money, go to the Center!
    • They have free band aids in the health center so if you cut yourself, go get (some) *wink* No seriously if you got hurt go to the Health Center. It’s all free no need to be shy!
    • If you loose your ID, always check with Security. I lost mine once. I almost gave up but I checked security and they had it! Saved me $25! Your first school ID is free but if you loose it, you have to pay to get a new one!

    That’s all I have for now I guess.. I have more in an earlier post too!


  2. ssyzygy-deactivated20110718 said: I really enjoy your illustrations :) I'm gonna be a freshman this year at FIT. Any tips?

    1. Get a locker!!
    2. Make sure you have your school ID at all times! Even if the the security guards recognize your face they won’t let you in the building unless you have your ID!!
    3. If you’re tight on time and need to go to the computer lab, go in the morning! By 12, it’ll be really packed! same goes for the library computers
    4. Don’t leave your stuff unattended. FIT will say its unfashionable but really there are people who’d steal your stuff when you’re gone for at least 5 minutes!
    5. make full use of the 4th floor section of the library! the art reference room is freakin awesome! 
    6. know your way around the buildings! there are certain floors like 6th and 3rd that connect all the buildings. that’ll come in handy during extreme weather.
    7. AH! if you need to access the top floors of the D  building like 4th, 5th or 6th, make sure you get in the elevator 20 minutes before class starts because if you go later, the elevator will be packed!!! BELIEVE ME!!! If you have 10 or 5 minutes to class, go to the E building and take the elevator to the 5th floor which is where the library will be. That same floor connects to the D building 5th floor, so take that to avoid the slow and crowded D building elevators. 
    8. follow fashiondesignbooks.com on twitter because sometimes they would give discounts online. they’re the store that sells books and supplies across the street.
    9. you’re gonna be stuck with a block for  a whole semester and maybe longer so get comfy and get to know everyone. don’t be snobby because if it turns out that the whole block are friendly towards each other except you, you’ll feel left out and you’ll hate it. Be friendly and help each other out!
    10. if u need something printed like business cards or posters, go the graphics lab in the D building in the 5th floor! they’re cheaper than any place. just make sure you give them really specific instructions about your print(s)
    11. if for some reason the printers in the computer lab or library dont work, go to staples (29th street 7th avenue). get your credit card ready. printing documents there are only a few cents more expensive than FIT.
    12. there are stacks of discount coupons on the 7th floor A building for places like MACYS on 34th, restaurants, broadway shows, art museums etc. Grab some!!!
    13. explore 7th avenue! from FIT to Times Square! 
    14. Do your best in your classes and have fun!!!!!

    I’m sorry it took me a while to respond. I hope these tips help. If you have questions regarding the Illustration department like the classes or the professors, let me know and I’ll try to fill you in. Oh and thanks for liking my illustrations!

    See you in FIT and good luck!