1. slambang said: Wow, ang galing ng strokes mo :> Ano karaniwan mong ginagamit kapag nagsketch?

    Thank you >_<!!

    Minsan ordinaryong pencil lang. Pag tinatamad ballpen. Pero in class, kailangan either yung nibbed pen, tombo or copic marker, stick, o brush. Kailangan talaga sari-sari kasi gusto ng professor na palaging nag-eexperiment. 


  2. crystralcactii said: Hi. What kind of marker do you use? That black Oscar dela Renta serpentina dress was absolutely breathless. Loved your 10-minute fashion illustration video, btw. KUDOS! :-)

    Thank you ^_^!!! 

    I use tombo markers and copic markers! for the black ODLR dress, I used a wide black copic marker and combined it with black ink!


  3. blindcopy said: We LOVE your work here at Copperwheat. We too are learning fashion illustration to better our sketches for our collections.

    Thank you! I’m glad you guys like my work ^_^ 

    and Good luck with learning fashion illustration!